Barometer of Opinion 2018

Barometer of Optinion

For the second time, EXPO REAL has carried out a topical survey online among trade fair participants, 1,380 property professionals have expressed themselves about trend topics – and are confident that the sector will continue to do well. Especially attractive segments for investment: housing, logistics, healthcare and care properties.

“As yet, the real estate industry won’t be unsettled by discussions about international tariffs and debt – for 2018 and 2019, EXPO REAL’s participants still remain optimistic”, explains Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München. “A large proportion of the respondents even reckon on increasing amounts to be invested in Germany, they accordingly see a lot of potential in niche segments like city logistics or healthcare and care properties”. As for digital transformation, there’s a spirit of optimism: “The greatest potential is seen in the areas of ‘Managing and operating’, ‘Planning and building’ and ‘Marketing’”.

Still positive conditions

Positive conditions

In spite of geopolitical tensions, trade conflicts and international debt, 65.9% of the respondents still regard conditions as positive. 30% believe at least that their companies can absorb a slowdown in economic activity. 62% think that the amount of money invested in real estate in Germany will increase, 31.3% that it will stay the same.

Leipzig is regarded as the top ‘B’ location in Germany

Top B location

The federal structure in Germany offers many locations with potential beyond the big metropolises. The top ‘B’ location by far is Leipzig (48.1%) followed by Nuremberg (33.6%), Wiesbaden (29.7%), Münster (28.7%) and Hanover (26.3%).

Great interest in niche segments

Great interrest in niche segments

In the opinion of the respondents, residential properties (88.5%) will continue to gain in importance. In particular, pub-lic housing/subsidized living is the trend here because 42.9% take the view that this segment will be of increased importance. Logistics is the second area of high potential, the top subcategory here is city logistics properties with an affirmation level of 37%. Healthcare and care properties are the number three area with high potential in the segments. So aside from classical investment properties like offices and retail, it is niche segments which meet with the greatest interest among real estate experts.

Top state support measures for affordable living

Top state support measures for affordable living

How should the state promote affordable living? Most of all, the respondents prefer a reduction of real estate transfer tax (47.5%), attractive provision of state properties (44%) and adding to existing buildings (43.9%). Far behind is state regulation of rents – with an affirmation level of 13.2%. In the middle are state housing (38.8%), state promotion of private homes (33.6%) and a stronger concentration (30.4%).

Digital innovation offers plenty of potential

Digital innovation offers plenty of potential

40.1% of the respondents indicate that their companies offer customers and business partners digital products and services. These are currently offered along the entire value chain. Most of all, great potential for the future is seen in the areas of ‘Managing and operating’, ‘Planning and building’ and ‘Marketing’. ‘Smart city’ is the area with the biggest gap between what’s currently offered and additional potential, so that’s where the biggest development leap is to be expected for the future.

Barometer of Opinion 2018


For the online survey, EXPO REAL commissioned the independent opinion re-search institute ‘IfaD’. Surveyed in July this year were 1,380 trade fair partici-pants of EXPO REAL 2017 from Germany and abroad.

You can find further information on the EXPO REAL website and at the EXPO REAL blog.